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Restoring One of Life’s Three Basic Needs

When the unthinkable happens, a homeowner’s immediate focus becomes life’s three basic needs: food, shelter, and clothing. CRDN quickly and conveniently solves one of these concerns, so you can focus on what truly matters in life.

For more than a decade, CRDN has made it our mission and established a leadership position as the textile experts – saving textiles and salvaging memories.

Responding with a Sense of Urgency – Yours

The most important part of our process can be the first. Response matters and caring counts. We get there fast, whenever you need us. We work in concert with your insurance company and restoration contractor. We compile a comprehensive inventory of damaged clothing, fabric articles and life’s irreplaceable treasures. Then we immediately get to work restoring your happiness.

The Best People, Processes and Technology

CRDN operates in a category of service providers that we ourselves created. We have spent our history building the best team, the most sophisticated processes for working with homeowners and their insurance providers, and developing the most state-of-the-art technology in the industry.

Restoring Peace of Mind, and a Smile to Your Face

Our systems effectively remove odor, soot, grime, mold and mildew from garments and other fabric items damaged by fire and water losses. And we will store these items in our secure facility until your home is repaired and you are able to accept them. But the most critical thing we remove in our process is distress. We get you back to where you belong – quickly, easily, and peacefully.​​​​​​

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We just want to let you know that Caren Rowe and your staff were great to us after our fire. We were so overwhelmed, of course, with the fire and then going away a couple of days after the fire for three weeks and not knowing what was happening. Caren kept in close contact with us and answered all of our questions right away when we emailed or called her. Less than a week after we returned home, we had a death in the family and had to leave. We needed clothes. We were offered to come to the warehouse to get some things, but then somehow you were were able to deliver our clothes a day early, a few hours before we had to fly out. That was so helpful, especially since it snowed the morning that we were supposed to leave. When Saul and Phil came to deliver the clothes, etc, my husband had been able to plow our road for them, but hadn’t been able to get to shoveling by the front door for them. Saul did it himself. They had a great deal of things to bring in and they were very gracious about making sure that they put it where we asked. It is amazing to us how you clean and wrap everything. So, many thanks to you, your company, and your staff, especially Caren. I know that this is your business, but the added level of caring and concern for us and our individual situation was so appreciated.

Ellen & Tim Sosinski

Insurance company paid for service. The cleaners did excellent work.

K. Williams

They recognized that a house trauma such as mine (soot puff from oil heater problem) was a very devastating and emotional experience. I was so comforted not only by their expertise, quick and efficient service, but also by the great respect they had for my belongings and clothing as well as empathy for my situation.

Mrs. Balis