5 Ways to Keep that Men’s Suit Looking Great

Chris Patterson

If you own a suit that you love then you understand how costly and prized this garment can be. That being said, you should never throw your suit on the floor or run it through the washer like you would with a pair of jeans. You should care for your suit with the same delicate attention to detail that you employed when you decided to purchase it. Follow these tips to maximize the life of your suit and keep it looking well pressed and wonderful in between wears.


Hang Your Suit in a Well-Spaced Area

First things first – do not hang your suit on a metal hanger. When you aren’t wearing your suit you should always keep it hung on a sturdy wooden hanger with a widespread contoured shape. Hangers made of natural wood are even better since they help absorb moisture that gathers in the fabric after regular use. One of the most important factors in hanging up your suit is ensuring that it’s in a well-spaced area so that it can properly air out in between wears.

Preserve it in a Cloth Bag

Unlike plastic or canvas bags, cloth suit bags encourage greater airflow as long as your closet isn’t packed with other garments and the item is still well-spaced out. Not only will your suit be able to breathe, the cloth bag will protect it from moths, dust particles and wrinkles. It isn’t necessary to keep your suit in a cloth bag at all times, but it’s helpful to utilize one approximately 1-2 days after wear while you are bringing another suit into rotation (which is another critical suit-saving tip). 

Use a Suit Brush after Each Wear

Suit fabric can lose its integrity over time as dust, loose hair, dandruff and other particles build up within the fibers. The best way to significantly prolong the life of your suit is to use a suit brush in between each wear. You should always hang the jacket first then, starting at the shoulders, brush in gentle downward strokes. Before cleaning your jacket with a suit brush, be sure to do the proper research on the fabric or consult a professional about the safest type of brush to approach the task with. Bristles that are too coarse can damage your suit, so we suggest choosing bristles made from synthetic material or animal hair.

Always Steam, Never Iron

Ironing your suit should be avoided entirely, as high temperatures can easily damage the delicate fabric and result in an unsightly “shine,” unless done by a professional dry cleaner. Effective steamers can get expensive, but they do help to reduce wrinkles and deodorize fabric. While the steaming method is always recommended over ironing, you should avoid steaming the chest area of your suit to preserve its shape.

Dry Clean Your Suit

The aforementioned tips will assist you in keeping your suit looking sharp until your next visit to the dry cleaners. While suits do not need to be dry cleaned constantly, it is necessary to allow professional cleaners with extensive fabric experience to handle your suit as necessary to effectively remove odor buildup and spot stains and lengthen its longevity.  Keep in mind they are only dry cleaners, so don’t wait too long for those stains/dirt/odor to set in.

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